In a low rates/ high uncertainty environment, the Fund stands to help institutional investors to enhance their risk-adjusted returns, by providing a highly “diversified and low correlated enterprises credit portfolio.”

The idea of bringing to life the diversified enterprises credit closed fund was conceived by the founding partners by witnessing the emergence of a) new key patterns within the financial services industry and b) a difficult macroeconomic scenario in the Eurozone, which policy makers and monetary authorities are trying to tackle with innovative economic policies (e.g. EU Capital Market Directive) and newly conceived monetary measures (e.g. TLTRO).

The new key trends in the financial services industry are driven from both the “Asset side” (growing difficulties for Banks to lend to enterprises) and the “Liability side” (need of insurers to sustain the guaranteed rates and search for attractive risk adjusted yields from institutional investors at large) of traditional players of the industry which are occurring in an unprecedented period of high liquidity, low interest rates and reluctance to lending.

Participation in the Fund is permitted only to persons falling within the categories of professional investors referred to in Article 6, paragraphs 2-quinquies and 2-sexies of the TUF and the related decrees and implementing regulations, as subsequently amended, and to the persons referred to in Art 14, paragraph 4 of the Ministerial Decree nr. 30 of March 02, 2015 by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.